Tuesday, 22 January, 2008

Hello 2008

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WOW and I even remembered by password!!  Its been a while little blog but I did not forget you.   Today is our first quiet day since about Christmas  LOL   The Dutch cousins have returned to Holland and my brother and his Irish family have returned to Ireland (well they are flying at the moment) so it seems very quiet around here at the moment.  Hubby went back to work this week and is taking the train as Stickers is in a million pieces in the garage with new parts and reconditioned parts arriving daily it seems.  Hopefully that will be up and running shortly as I don’t think the public transport system is helping hubbies back to work mood any.  Especially when it is $20 a week cheaper to take his car!!! mmmmmmmmm

 We also have a new member of the clan.  She was abandoned in the bush at my in laws place and found her way to the house and made herself at home.  Unfortunately they have a large dog who may have mistaken her for an entree so we decided to give her a home.  We were looking into either another cat or a puppy so it was perfect timing.  Hope I can remember how to upload a pic to show you how cute she is.

 We have also celebrated 6 birthdays since Christmas and one of this was Miss 5’s!!!!!   We had an awesome time with a bouncy castle, pinata, games and lots of friends to help celebrate.  But it was one of the hotest days that we had and we had to water down the kids a couple of times.  The bouncy castle was a huge success.   On the down side the waist line has expanded somewhat with all the cakes, bbqs, dinners, lunches and takeaways that we seem to have consumed with all the family around.  So it is salad for me!! lol

We enjoyed a few days away at our favourite piece of paradise but didn’t manage to go for the usual week.  Next year we will!!!  I printed 260 odd pics the other day and am sorting thru them at the moment.  Should have no reason not to get some scrapping time in, fingers crossed.


Wednesday, 17 October, 2007

Less than 10 weeks

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till Christmas the man on the radio said this afternoon as we came home from swimming lessons.   Less than 10 weeks!!  There were a couple of very loud cheers from the back and an equally large *shock* intake of breath from the front.  Holy moly.    Anyone else feel as if Term 4 started and a switch was flicked and the serious countdown to Christmas has begun.  Already I seem busier or is that just my imagination.  Nope!  I am sure there are less hours in the day and more things to fill them with.  AND there are Christmas decorations etc for sale in the shops.   Bring it on Santa!!  I will be ready for the fun.  Promise LOL

Saturday, 1 September, 2007

Spring is here

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well for today anyway.  Gotta love the first day of spring.  I almost had to take off a jersey!!  LOL

Monday, 27 August, 2007

Hello Blog

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Where have you been??  Or where have I been??  *shrug*  dunno really.  Just around and busy.   I guess the countdown the Christmas has started LOL  no???  too early ???  oh well then I guess I have just been trying to keep warm.

 I am an aunty again!  YAY  I love that.  After so many years of not thinking I would get to be one I now have 3 neices and 1 nephew.  All over in the UK but hey.  So I should be head down bum up making a album for our newest edition but I am making vege soup and catching up on my neglected blog instead LOL.  My coffee is waiting for me on my scrap desk.  That should be enough to entice me.

 Kids are all back and kindy and school this week.   Jess has been sick with a very nasty cough that would attack at any time.   Isobel has finally had her hair cut and this time she chose to cut it all off into a nice neat little bob.  I need to take some decent pics but far out I am loving the new look.  Also cross country at school last week and she did really well.  No stopping and chatting to her friends, she just ran.   I am so proud.

Right the album (and my coffee lol) is awaiting.

No walk this mornign as it is far too cold and very wintery. Where did that beautiful spring weather from yesterday go???  We had a picnic and everything!!

Sunday, 5 August, 2007

Sunday lazy Sunday

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Its been a weird kinda week.   Harry and I are finished although I am going over bits again.   I have to say that I loved it!! and am kinda sad that it is all over LOL   Imagine how JK Rowling feels now that she has finished her story after all this time.

Also this week hubby turned the big 40!!  Although he wasn’t bothered by it, didn’t go out and buy a new red sports car, get a tattoo/piercing or pick up an 18 year old.  Well not yet anyway LOL   He says its just another day.  His work are very cool in that they give everyone the day off on their birthday so hubby is having a 3 day weekend.  He had some jobs that he wanted to get done around the house (and a few that I created for him too).  Unfortunately one of those jobs from me involved cutting off the pipes left from shifting the hot water cylinder.  This involved a nice leak, no water in the house and an emergency phone call to my FIL!!  But all is fixed now and I have a jacket/vacuum cupboard which is great!!  We also had some friends and family around yesterday for cake and drinks which was great and hubby was very spoilt. 

So today is a hanging out eating left over cake kinda day. 

Sunday, 29 July, 2007

I have a date

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with Harry Potter.   LOL  So its been quiet around here.  Today it is raining (read POURING) and that is perfect date weather for me and Harry.

Wednesday, 25 July, 2007

Rainbows and routine

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Rainbows!!  There have been plenty of them the last few days.  I love rainbows and even the kids will stop what they are doing to search the skies if there is just a little bit of rain and a little bit of sun.  Rainbows are natures way of making things better.  Well they seem that way to me LOL

Routine is good too and we have slipped back into school, kindy, work routine.  It still feels strange not to have Miss 4 here during the morning but I am getting more and more work done during that time now, and that means less mother guilt when the kids are at home and more time to spend with them.   Jess had her 4 year old imms last Monday and didn’t even flinch.  Nah uhh.  Not for the one in her arm and not for the one in her leg.  She told everyone how good she was and how she got 3 (yep the nurse was impressed too) 3 jellybeans and a lolliepop from mum.  Unfortunately she had a major reaction on her leg.  We were calling her lumpy leg for about 4 days.  Had to take her back to get it looked but all was ok.  They had to measure it and it was 12cm across by 13cm down her leg.  And when you have small legs that a heck of a reaction!!  All is good now tho.

Whats for dinner people and BTW I am HUNGRY!!

Friday, 20 July, 2007

Opps I forgot I got tagged!!

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thanks Tracy

My roommate and I once:   gee um ate freddo frogs and talked all night long

Never in my life have I:  parasailed and its on my list of things to do

High school was : interesting!! 

When I’m nervous : hide

My hair : needs a blimen good haircut, although I am thinking of growing out my fringe.

When I was 5 : I was tall and really skinny with big teeth.  (not much has changed except the skinny part LOL)

When I turn my head left : I see the cat sleeping on the couch and a pile of jig saws that Miss 4 started

I should be : working opps!!

By this time next year : I will have two school aged children  argh!!

My favorite aunt is : well thats easy I only have one Aunt.  Aunty Eileen

I have a hard time understanding : People who abuse their children.  (me too!!)

You know I like you if : I laugh with you

My ideal breakfast is : Pancakes and maple syrup.  YEP YUMMY!!

If you visit my home town : you will see a town growing quickly, a big hill and a cool race track.

If you spend the night at my house : you will be expected to clean up after yourself.  LOL

My Favorite blonde is : hubby of course

My favorite brunette is : Daniel Carter  mmmmmmmm  eye candy

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds : What the ??!?

I shouldn’t have been : having that third chocolate chip cookie

Last night I:  crashed early after 2 late nights with sick kids

A better name for me would be : Dragon (yes I have to agree)  lol

I’ve been told I look like : no one else!!

IF I could have any car, it would be: Austin Martin and hubby would have a Ferrari thanks  lol

 Not sure who has or hasn’t been tagged so I tag Nic, Evana and Kareny

Thursday, 19 July, 2007


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‘Can I have a round chocolate cake with lots and lots of lollies?? ‘ Says miss nearly 8. EASY!! Sure you can. Is that all?? ‘Yep’ says miss nearly 8.

The night before party Miss nearly 8 is looking through a birthday cake book. ‘can I have a butterfly cake?’ go ask your dad!! LOL

So believe it or not this is actually a butterfly chocolate cake with lots and lots of lollies. Oh and pink icing. Miss now 8 is happy!!

Tuesday, 10 July, 2007

School holidays

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Its a wet, windy, yucky kinda winter day.  The fire is on to keep us toasty (except I need to go out in the wet, windy, yucky weather to refil the basket LOL) and the kids have settled down to watch a DVD after lunch.  They have played so well all morning while I worked.   Jess’s choice of DVD was Mary Poppins!!  It would seem that Barbie is off the list today.  So the lunch is tidied away, the washing has been folded and the next load has been hung in the garage.  I should be working.  BUT  I am distracted by my copy of Thats Life, Nics book.  I have read this cover to cover already but I find I am picking it up again and again and flicking through pages.  I also have a list of ‘the little things’ that I want to scrap, some I have ‘lifted’ from the book and others that come to me during the day.  Like the fact that I should be taking a pic of the girls with pillows, blankies and assorted toys around them on their makeshift beds while watching Mary Poppins.   I should be finishing my CJ for handover this weekend.  I should be working.   I should be!!  but I am reading blogs and flicking thru my new book.

Knees!!  Any other Capricorns out there have trouble with their knees???  Aparently it is our weakness.  I hurt mine about a week and a half ago, just when the girls were here to scrap for a whole weekend.  I hobbled all Saturday.  Not sure what I did but it hasn’t got better.  Infact it is getting a little worse with numbness creeping up to my glutius maximus.  Although its not so bad if I stay inside away from the cold, don’t kneel down and avoid going around corners.  See! I tell hubby.  Its not so bad!!  mmmmmmmmm ring the physio he says.  But not today – its too cold outside for my knee  LOL

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